Adding Value to Your Team


Running your team will require that you undertake a number of activities. These may be primary in nature such as actual competition, or support such as improving your car. One thing remains true in either case – every activity should add value to your team as collectively they will form your competitive advantage.

value added

The complexity of activity will obviously depend upon which level you are competing at and the resources that you have available.

The support activities are your bedrock. Technical development will include preparing your car. At club level this may mean an oil change and checking the tires. In Formula 1 a slightly different level of preparation and innovation may be appropriate! Human resource management involves having the right people doing the right things at the right time, again in relation to your team size. Team infrastructure brings together the technical management side of your team, which is what we are discussing today.

With these in place you can look at the more hands on Primary Activities which directly lead to your success. Marketing your team is the search for sponsorship. Providing service relates to keeping stakeholders such as sponsors and stewards happy, and then there is the rationale behind it all, putting your car on the grid and looking for the podium!

What all these elements have in common is that they build to your success, and each should add a potential advantage. You should strive to bring differentiation to your team. Look for something that stakeholders can perceive as unique that will encourage brand loyalty. To achieve this the product/services that you offer will have surpass their expectations in comparison to other teams.

All of which will take some time and effort, and perhaps just a little bit of help….

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