Its not all Academic!

I have become quite intrigued by attitudes amongst teams to management principles.

In response I have been busy preparing a paper for the International Journal of Motorsport Management regarding this subject within British motorsport.

To assist please fill in the very simple questionnaire that can be found here:

I will link to the finished paper when and if it has been accepted!



Strategy for Motorsport


I recently re-read ‘Total Competition’ by Ross Brawn and Adam Parr. In it  they ruminate at length about lessons in strategy that they have gleaned from many years associated with Formula 1. To summarise some of the most salient points:

Wherever you finally set the bar for your season, it is vital that you understand that the strategy of motorsport stands on three legs, all of which are interdependent, and all of which will underpin everything that you hope to achieve. Your aim is to maximize the lead that you hold over your opponents in each of these areas. Combined they will form your competitive advantage both on and off the track:

  • Technical Advantage – Winning in itself shows that you hold an advantage in this area. This could be due to driver skill, or a well prepared car. This is how you do things.
  • Economic Advantage – Winning brings tangible rewards. This may be in the form of prize money or increased sponsorship, but the bottom line, as they say, is that the more successful you are the more resources you will have to improve your team. Beware – the inverse is also true!
  • Political Advantage – Winning brings leverage that can be applied to your teams benefit. This may be during commercial negotiations with sponsors, or during technical negotiations with stewards.

Sounds simple doesn’t it?

Nothing could be further from the truth!

This is one area in which we could help your team…..